With the advent of mobile web technology, GOOD TV continues to provide the best and most relevant content to the Mandarin speaking world through the internet and smart devices, making it easier than ever for Chinese Christians around the world to access our programs.

GOOD TV website: Every month over 1.4 million people from 180 countries visit our website to stream our channels, catchup on shows, or select from over 25,000 video-on-demand episodes. We also maintain several themed blogs with daily posts on family, Bible teaching, and global church news. www.goodtv.tv
GOOD TV APP: With over 120,000 downloads, our app is available on iOS and Android smart phones, tablets, OTT TV boxes and other streaming devices. App users can stream our channels and over 10,000 video-on-demand episodes.
YouTube: Our YouTube channels provide our programs to audiences around world. In 2018 our channels have 280,000 subscribers and 2.1 million views each month. www.youtube.com/goodtv
Facebook Page: Viewers can stay updated about their favorite programs and give feedback. Featured blogposts and videos link viewers with our website. With over 620,000 followers, our 17 Pages reach 1 million people every month. www.facebook.com/goodtv
Instagram: Started in 2015, goodtv_ig now has over 12,000 followers— mostly 25 to 34-year-olds from Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the US, and Singapore. Followers can find posts of Bible verses and worship, as well as interesting stories taken behind the scenes around GOOD TV and much more. www.instagram.com/goodtv_ig
LINE@: Launched in February 2017, subscribers receive blogposts and videos of devotional snippets, godly relationship and parenting advice, and personal testimonies throughout their day, linking them to our website. Search LINE official account: GOOD TV
IPTV: Providers like Chunghwa Telecom MOD and LiTV carry both Gospel Channel and Faith Channel. In addition, LiTV also carries our 40+ themed channels as well as thousands of video-on-demand episodes.
Cable & Satellite: Cable TV providers carry both Gospel Channel and Faith Channel, which supplies television programs to viewers in Taiwan and the Philippines. Two satellites broadcast our programs throughout East and Southeast Asia.


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