To Reach the Chinese People around the world through a global media platform.


GOOD TV aims to be a life-changing channel,
leading individuals and families to the Gospel through God’s love.

From the CEO

Our Story

Family Focus


From the CEO

GOOD TV CEO:Tony Tseng

My calling to media ministry started with a vision to win more unsaved Chinese people for the Kingdom of God. Most of them have been nurtured in false religions worshiping false gods for generations. They strive for success but live in bondage and deception. When I met Christ, I knew He is the only answer to life. Since then, I devoted myself to the gospel through organizing evangelism conferences and gospel luncheons and dinners. However, these earnest attempts only reached a limited number of people, and I felt dissatisfied.

In 1998, a group of Taiwanese Christians and church leaders received a vision from God to establish a Christian TV channel ─ GOOD TV, and God called me to this ministry to start the first Chinese Christian TV network in the world. By God’s providence and miraculous guidance, GOOD TV has grown and expanded into a global multimedia platform for the gospel reaching Chinese people around the world.

God’s Financial Provision

Media ministry requires enormous resources and efforts, but God has faithfully provided for GOOD TV’s needs through the last 20 years, allowing GOOD TV to operate solely on donations.

Taiwan Full Coverage and Moving to Channel 15

By the end of 1998, 80% of the cable TV networks in Taiwan carried our programs, and in 2002, 100% carried our programs. By God’s grace in 2005, GOOD TV moved to channel 15, making it easy for channel surfers to encounter our programs.

Stepping Out of Taiwan

In 2000, GOOD TV was made available to everyone in Taiwan and Chinese communities throughout Asia. God also led GOOD TV to establish offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the US.

Brand New Station Building

In addition to GOOD TV’s financial needs, God also provided for the construction of a brand new building in 2012, making GOOD TV the first fully HD digital TV station in Taiwan.

Fully Engaging New Media

By making GOOD TV completely digital, God made it possible for GOOD TV to fully engage new media platforms in 2017. Every month, GOOD TV reaches more than 1.4 million people from over 180 countries via our website, mobile app, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Instagram, and LINE.

In the West, salvation is a matter of “choice,” but for most Chinese people, it is a matter of “chance.” GOOD TV’s vision is to be that “chance” encounter for Chinese people who have never heard the gospel before.

I invite you to join us through your prayers, partnership, programming, and other supports. Let us fulfill Christ’s Great Commission and preach the gospel to the 1.4 billion Chinese people around the world still waiting for salvation and the chance to hear the GOOD news.


Tony Tseng

Our Story

Family Focus

Family is an integral part of our lives. GOOD TV cares about families, and by focusing on families, we also reach people with the gospel. Over the years, we developed family programs, family training materials, a family care hotline, and online counseling services called GOODear.

Family Programs

Our family programs provide quality content for all ages from children to seniors. The in-depth discussions on family issues of all aspects touch people’s hearts and prepare them to hear the message of the gospel.

Family Training Materials

Designed by experts, family training materials work with our family programs and provide family education to our viewers. Training materials are available for download on our website.

Family Care Hotline

GOOD TV is the only station in Taiwan with a dedicated hotline for families. During our family program broadcasts, viewers seeking assistance can call the Family Care Hotline number displayed on their screens. Trained volunteers provide a listening ear and helpful advice to callers. Those in need of further assistance are referred to local church partners, so they can receive follow up help.


To provide counseling services for young people and reach this group of mostly web users, we launched GOODear, an online service using online chat and emails to listen, share, and pray with them over the internet.


National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) International Awards

  • 2019 International Impact Award
  • 2014 International Television Ministry Awards

Golden Bell Award

An annual Taiwanese television and radio award presented by Taiwan’s Government Information Office.
Founded in 1965, it is Taiwan’s equivalent to the Emmy Awards.
GOOD TV has been nominated on several occasions and won in 2013.
  • 2016 Nominated for Best Host in Variety Program
  • 2014 Nominated for Best Host in Variety Program
  • 2013 Won Best Hosts in Children and Youth Program
  • 2012 Nominated for Best Host Educational and Cultural Program
  • 2007 Nominated for Best Advertising Campaign
  • 2005 Nominated for Best Lighting Award
  • 2004 Nominated for Best Host in Music Program

Quality Channel

For families by Media Monitoring Alliance in 2004 and by Broadcasting Development Foundation in 2006.