True Love Blog

Interviews with famous TV anchor Lulu Hsia. People share personal testimonies of how God carried them through some of the most difficult seasons of life.

Testimonies by Jeremy Lin

NBA player Jeremy Lin shares what God has been doing in his life with live audiences in Taiwan, inspiring countless young people to turn to God.

Gospel Music Concerts

Featuring concerts of classical hymns and gospel songs by well-known vocalists like Tsai, Chin and Eric Moo.

Preaching and Teaching

The Living Word

The Living Word Messages by anointed pastors and preaches from around the world as they share God’s Word and Truth with our audience.

The Dialogue

Talk show hosted by Pastors Jonathan Chow and Ian Liao covering topics young people care about and offers Biblical truths and practical applications to daily life.

A Blessed Life

Sermon preached in the Taiwanese dialect to help Taiwanese speakers understand God’s Truth and learn principles from the Bible.

Liu’s Nostalgic Story Time

Pastor Paul Liu uses improved and traditional story-telling in the Taiwanese dialect to share God’s Word in refreshing ways

Devotion & Prayer

TV Prayer Meeting

A prayer meeting over the airwaves led by well-known pastors that invites you to start each day by praying for our families and friends, our society and nation.

Hour of Grace

Pastor Andrew Kou shares a short message from God, followed by Bible passages and a worship concert, bringing viewers into God’s presence.

Conference Series

Bible Study and Spiritual Growth

Well-known speakers and preachers share wonderful insights from the Bible and encourage believers to pursue spiritual growth.

Healing and Deliverance

Pastor Mike Connell and other well-known speakers help you find freedom from the spiritual bondage and strongholds in your life.

Topics on Israel

Features speakers preaching on the nation of Israel and God’s plans for this land.

Bible Study

Sunday School

Sunday School Pastors and seminary professors in Taiwan offer systematic lessons on the Bible and theology.

On-Air Seminary

Attend seminary in the comforts of your home simply by switching on the TV, as renowned Bible scholars help you gain a systematic understanding of the Bible.

Unlocking the Bible

Translated and dubbed into Mandarin, Pastor David Pawson provides an overview of the unique story of God's relationship with his people, giving a real sense of the sweep of biblical history and its implications for our lives.

Family Content

Huang, M.D.

Celebrity pediatrician, Dr. Daniel Huang offers family and medical advice to help you navigate the waters of parenthood and lead your children to healthier lives.

Turn Around to Love

Hosted by Isabel Kao, it’s Taiwan’s only family focused talk show. Expert guests share personal experiences and helpful advice for issues on family and relationships.

Happiness Classroom

Features family education courses offered by experts in Taiwan and abroad. Thought provoking short skits serve as case studies for each lesson.

Youth and Kids

My Reading Bakery

Join renowned children’s author, Qing-Yan Liu, and singer, Xuan-Rong Lee, for stories and a whole lot of baking fun in My Reading Bakery.

Amazing Story House

All new series combining reading and experiential learning. Hear a story in the Amazing Story House, then go on an adventure outside.

Study Tour with Uncle John

All new reality TV show that takes elementary school kids on a special study tour where they gain new and unique experiences, which they can’t get in the classroom.

Let’s Battle

The only trivia game show for teens that focuses on cooperation with other teams. Giving participants a chance to practice being helpful and considerate.

Music and Worship

Heavenly Worship

A program that brings together well-known worship teams for 30 minutes of nonstop praise and worship, leading people to experience the power of God's presence.

Timeless Hymns

With performances by the finest choir and musicians in Taiwan and abroad, Timeless Hymns presents timeless and essential hymns from the Christian musical tradition.

Seraphim Project

Named after the angels singing praises before the Throne of God, each episode of Seraphim Project features a different style of Christian praise and worship.

Christian News


Delivering up-to-date Christian news to Chinese communities around the world.

Christian World News

A weekly news update from around the world on current affairs and Church news by CBN.

Healthy Living

New Wave Cuisine

Try oil-free and water-free cooking with Kevin Hsu and Claire Tseng. They prepare natural, healthy, and delicious dishes using the finest ingredients in Taiwan.

Travel with Love

Hosted by celebrity couple, Will Liu and Vivi Wang, Travel with Love takes you on a fun-filled tour around Taiwan, and experience the love of God along the way.